Soffit and Vertical Siding


Deep realistic shadow lines combine to make Preservation Soffit the easy and natural choice. Its gently rounded edges, elegant 3-1/3″ exposure width and finely textured, low-gloss finish evoke the look and feel of custom-milled, painted wood.

Superior Rigidity

Our proven UltraBeam® technology keeps the panels flat and level for exceptional beauty year after year. This unique design allows Preservation Soffit to easily span long runs without sagging, and cupping is virtually eliminated.

Easy-Care Convenience

Wood soffit looks good, but it can warp and rot after exposure to dampness. Preservation Soffit is made with weather-resistant vinyl, so rain and humidity don’t cause problems. An occasional rinsing with a garden hose is all it takes to restore like-new beauty.

Invisible Ventilation

Continuous airflow is vital to keep attics cools and dry, yet the appearance of vented panels can be less than ideal. Preservation Soffit features invisibly vented panels to provide functional beauty.

Vertical Siding

Want to add a truly personal touch to your home’s exterior? Incorporate solid Preservation Vertical Siding panels into your exterior design scheme. It’s a wonderful way to add visual emphasis to gable ends, entryways, dormers or other accent areas of your home.

Vertical siding creates the perfect opportunity to design an exterior that fully reflects your individual tastes and desires – one that sets your home apart.

Standard Color Collection

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