Prairie Home Alliance started uniting Central Illinois home improvement companies back in 2004, establishing a common foundation rooted in quality, values, and service. This alliance empowers our customers to enjoy the advantages of collective purchasing power while preserving the legacy of well-established local companies, now under the stewardship of local individuals.

This framework grants us the capability to offer our customers top-quality products at our most competitive prices, accompanied by industry-leading warranties that safeguard your investment for both the present and the future. What’s even more appealing is that we remain firmly grounded in our local roots. Our businesses and our people continue to be an integral part of their respective communities.


The Prairie Home Alliance extends its reach across the entirety of Central Illinois, making it highly probable that one of our affiliated companies can offer the home improvement services you’re seeking. Whether you’re situated to the south of Chicago, north of Springfield, east of Iowa, or west of Indiana, there’s a good chance that one of our reputable businesses can meet your needs. The map below provides an overview of the various company locations. Feel free to reach out to us, and one of our dedicated team members will eagerly assist in commencing your project and guiding you toward the ideal solution!



The home improvement companies within the Prairie Home Alliance offer comprehensive solutions that extend beyond your home’s exterior needs, encompassing everything from the rooftop to the basement and everything in between. Whether you’re envisioning a stunning kitchen transformation with Wood Front Kitchens, a contemporary bathroom upgrade courtesy of Custom Bath Solutions, or even essential basement dewatering services provided by B-Dry of Mid-State Illinois, we have the capabilities to enhance and preserve your home’s value today and well into the future.

If St. Joseph Siding & Window is outside your service area or you’re in search of additional services that go beyond the typical offerings of a traditional siding and window company, our other regional businesses are likely to fulfill your home improvement requirements!