Replacement Windows Installed from St. Joseph Siding and Window Company

Got drafty, outdated windows? Boost your home’s comfort & beauty with Preservation Vinyl replacement windows from St. Joseph Siding & Window. Bid goodbye to high energy bills & hello to stunning views & improved efficiency. Our wide range of Preservation Window options below can match any style & budget. Learn more about our window installation options below and take the first step to an updated and energy-efficient home.

Energy Efficient Window Replacement Installed in Danville

Investing in replacement windows is more than just a facelift for your home. It’s a smart choice that delivers long-term benefits for both your comfort and your wallet. With Preservation Vinyl Windows expertly installed by St. Joseph Siding & Window, you’ll experience: unmatched energy savings, sustainable comfort, and a product built to last.

So boost your curb appeal and add value to your property. Our Preservation Windows are a great investment with the variety of finishes and colors to perfectly complement your home’s architecture! Explore the benefits of our vinyl window replacements below. From classic Double-Hung to the elegant Bay & Bow window, we’re are experts at installing all shapes, sizes and styles!

St. Joseph Installed Double-Hung Replacement Windows from PReservation

Imagine basking in sun-drenched rooms, infused with natural light without the chill of the air. That’s the magic of St. Joseph Siding & Window’s Preservation Double-Hung Windows, where the art of craftsmanship melds with cutting-edge vinyl window innovations for maximum comfort and energy efficiency.

Ours windows go the extra mile
  • 1″ Thick Insulating Glass: Unlike most, we supersize the insulation with an extra inch of glass, armed with an SST Warm-Edge Spacer System, trapping warmth in winter and cool breezes in summer. Say goodbye to skyrocketing energy bills!
  • Progressive Efficiency Carbonized Polystyrene Insulation: This top-tier insulation packs a punch, keeping your home consistently comfortable while others struggle with flimsy alternatives.
  • TrueCapture Sloped Sill: Our patented design channels water away like a champ, protecting your precious window from the elements. No leaks, no worries!
  • Heavy-Duty Mylar Weatherstripping: We don’t mess around with flimsy seals. Our heavy-duty Mylar stands strong against drafts and leaks, ensuring your home stays cozy and sealed.
  • Dual-Durometer Exterior Glazing Bead: This innovative patent features two levels of firmness, gripping the glass like a vise for ultimate protection and a sleek, polished finish.
Features designed for your life
  • Cam-Action Lock: Security redefined. This multi-point locking system with a low-profile design hugs your window tightly, deterring even the most determined intruders. Peace of mind, served!
  • Tilt Latches & Sash Vent Stops: Enjoy the breeze on your terms. The contoured tilt latches offer effortless operation, while the built-in sash vent stops let you control the airflow with precision. Fresh air, worry-free!
  • Maxum 33 Reinforcement: Built to last, Preservation vinyl windows boast internal fiberglass reinforcement that keeps your sashes straight and strong, year after year. No bowing, no warping, just pure enjoyment.

Double Hung Function

Quality Replacement Windows Start with St. Joseph

Our team looks forward to helping you with your Preservation Double-Hung replacement windows! Let the St. Joseph team bring light, comfort, and timeless beauty into your home. Claim your free consultation today!



Slider Replacement Windows Installed by St. Joseph Siding & Window

Get panoramic views and helpful ventilation with an expansive slider window from St. Joseph Siding and Window. Preservation sliding replacement windows are engineered to perform against all the seasons our Illinois weather bring forth and are a functional way to enjoy more of nature from inside. If you’re considering replacing or installing a sliding window for your home, here are some great benefits a Preservation Window from St. Joseph have:

  • Expansive Openings: Slide open the large glass panels and let the breathtaking outdoors embrace your living space. From wide unobstructed views, to ample natural light, our sliding vinyl windows create an airy feeling of openness.
  • Easy Gliding Performance: Smooth as silk, Preservation’s premium rollers and tracks ensure effortless operation, even for large panels. No more fighting to open or close your windows!
  • Unmatched Versatility: Whether you’re craving fresh air on a sunny day or enjoying a cool breeze on a summer night, a Preservation Sliding Window adapts to your mood in a grand way. Adapting to the seasons as well as your needs through them.

Slider Window Function

Invest Today in New Windows

Get the security, weather resistance, energy-efficiency and style your home deserves with a Preservation replacement sliding glass window. Enjoy the connection of your home and nature, the warmth of the sun, and the gentle breeze of a cool night with a greater opening. Click here to get a free estimate to replace your sliding window. Our available interior and exterior color options below are also a great way to begin your journey to new replacement windows.



Unrivaled Efficiency: Preservation Casement Windows from St. Joseph Siding & Window

Imagine opening your home to the fresh air and stunning views, while simultaneously keeping your energy bills and indoor comfort in perfect harmony. That’s the magic of Preservation Casement Windows, expertly installed by the trusted professionals at St. Joseph Siding and Window. Here’s a little on how St. Joseph Siding and Window’s Preservation casement replacement windows elevate your living experience:

A Shield Against the Elements
  • 1″ Thick Insulating Glass: Picture a fortress against the harsh winds and temperature swings. This robust glass keeps the cozy warmth in during winter and the cool comfort in during summer, reducing your reliance on energy-guzzling HVAC systems.
  • SST Warm-Edge Spacer System: This innovative technology acts like a thermal moat, minimizing heat transfer around the window’s edges – a silent guardian against energy loss.
  • Progressive Efficiency Insulation: Say goodbye to drafts and hello to snug bliss. This advanced insulation technology blankets your home in a layer of comfort, ensuring every corner feels just right.
  • Heavy-Duty Weatherstripping and Weatherseals: Impenetrable barriers stand guard against the elements, keeping out wind, rain, and even pesky insects. Your home becomes a haven of tranquility, no matter the weather’s tantrums.
Crafted for Living, Built to Last
  • Fold-Away Crank Handle: Bask in the unobstructed beauty of your surroundings. This sleek handle disappears when not in use, maximizing your view and preserving the window’s elegant lines.
  • Stainless Steel Operating Mechanism: Smooth operation meets unwavering strength. This mechanism glides effortlessly for generations of effortless window opening, year after year.
  • Single-Lever Locking Handle: Convenience and security go hand-in-hand. This intuitive handle lets you lock your windows with a single click, offering peace of mind and effortless control.

Casement Window FEATURES

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Quality casement replacement windows from the small town name capable of big time results. St. Joseph Siding & Window is your solution for all things home improvement in East Central Illinois. 



Awning Windows Built for Danville Living: Preservation Awning Replacement Windows

Forget just pretty views – St. Joseph Siding & Window’s Preservation Awning Windows unlock a world of comfort, security, and energy savings in your Danville area home. Crafted with your well-being in mind, these replacement windows don’t compromise on style or resilience.

Enjoy the sun, not the drafts

  • 1″ thick insulating glass and SST technology: Keep the cozy in and the elements out, year-round.
  • Progressive Efficiency insulation: Enjoy superior thermal performance, making your home comfortable and energy-efficient.
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping: Impenetrable barriers against wind, rain, and even insects.
  • Optional EnergyMaxx glass packages: Boost your savings and bask in natural light, guilt-free.
  • Dual locking system: Two locks for an even seal, maximizing security and energy efficiency.
  • Stainless steel operating mechanism: Smooth, effortless operation for generations to come.

Awning Window FEATURES

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Contact St.Joseph Siding & Window today for a free consultation and discover the small-town difference. With over 40 years of experience in replacement windows and installation, we’ll make your project a pain-free one!



Improved Efficiency with Preservation Bay & Bow Windows INstalled by St. Joseph


The magic of St. Joseph’s Preservation Bay & Bow replacement windows can transform your East Central Illinois home into one of comfort, efficiency and beauty.

Preservation Cutting Edge Technology

  • 1″ thick insulating glass: Keeps the cozy in and the drafts out, all season long.
  • SST warm-edge spacer system: Minimizes heat transfer, saving you energy and money.
  • Progressive Efficiency insulation: Superior thermal performance for a snug and comfortable home.
  • Heavy-duty weatherstripping and weatherseals: Impenetrable barriers against the elements.
  • Optional EnergyMaxx high-performance glass packages: Boost your energy savings even further.

Contact St. Joseph Siding & Window today for a free estimate and discover how Preservation Bay & Bow Windows can unlock a world of possibilities for your home. Let the sunshine in, expand your horizons, and live with more comfort and energy savings.




Expertly Installed Garden Windows from St. Joseph Siding & Window

Imagine your plants getting that raidant sun that is vibrant to life. A St. Joseph Siding & Window Garden Window makes this scene a reality, inviting the outdoors into your home.

Embrace The View
  • Panoramic Views, Bathed in Natural Light: Expand your horizons with windows that frame nature and fill your space with a year-round natural light. Let the changing seasons become a backdrop to your everyday life.

  • Nurture Your Inner Gardener: Create the perfect microclimate for your leafy companions to flourish. Herbs, flowers, and even small houseplants thrive in this window’s nurturing embrace, transforming your home into a verdant haven.

  • Enhance Comfort, Save Energy: Our advanced glazing and insulation technology keeps your home comfortable throughout the year. Cozy winters and cool summers translate to not only a peaceful environment but also reduced energy bills – a win-win for your budget and your well-being.

  • Unwind and Reconnect: From bustling kitchens to serene living areas, this window becomes the heart of your home. Curl up with a good book, gather with loved ones, or simply bask in the tranquil ambiance – your garden window invites you to unwind and reconnect with life’s simple joys.

St. Joseph Siding & Window’s Garden Window is an investment into your dream home. An area to nurture your inner gardener, and a cozy spot to unwind and reconnect with nature no matter the time or season. Let nature’s vibrancy grace your home, get a replacement Garden Window installed by St. Joseph today!

Garden Window Features

Your Partner in Home Grown Happiness

Contact us today for your free estimate and discover how these unique windows can bring your budding green thumb inside during those seemingly never-ending midwestern winters.

Interior Color Options

Exterior Color Options

Window Frequently Asked Questions

Older windows can be a major source of energy loss, leading to drafty homes and higher energy bills. New, energy-efficient windows from St. Joseph Siding & Window can help you save money on energy costs while improving your home's comfort and value. Additionally, older windows may be prone to leaks, cracks, and difficulty opening, causing maintenance headaches. Replacing them with modern, low-maintenance Presrvation windows give you peace of mind and improve your home's curb appeal.

We offer a wide variety of Preservation window styles and customization options to suit your needs and preferences, including casement, awning, double-hung, bay & bow, sliding, and garden windows. Each style has its own unique advantages, such as ventilation, light control, and architectural appeal. Our team can help you choose the perfect windows for your home and budget.

We offer a wide range of high-quality, energy-efficient window options from trusted Preservation Windows. Our small-town roots have created a team of installers that is committed to excellent workmanship and customer satisfaction, like a close neighbor you could count on. We also provide flexible financing options and a worry-free guarantee on all of our projects!

The cost of your window replacement project will depend on several factors, such as the size and number of windows, the style you choose, and the complexity of the installation. Even in the internet age, it is best to have accurate measurements as our quality Preservation replacement windows are all custom and made to order. 

However, we offer free consultations and estimates, so you can get a clear idea of the cost before making any decisions. Convenient financing options can also help make your project more affordable.

Our team will schedule a convenient time for a free consultation to discuss your needs and preferences. We will then provide you with a detailed estimate for the project. Once you approve the estimate, we will schedule a time for the installation. Our team will carefully remove your old windows, install the new ones, and clean up the work area. We will also answer any questions you have and provide you with information on how to care for your new windows.

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Experience unrivaled product knowledge, meticulous installation, and quality customer service – backed by our status as a Dealer of Distinction from Preservation. With a proven track record of excellence and A+ accreditation, we bring your window replacement dreams to life, ensuring superior performance, lasting beauty, and ultimate peace of mind. Discover the St. Joseph Siding & Window difference – choose a Preservation Dealer of Distinction!

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Don’t just imagine your dream windows – see them come to life before your very eyes with the Preservation Visualizer. This tool, available by Preservation for St. Joseph Siding & Window, takes the guesswork out of window replacement, allowing you to visualize your home’s transformation in stunning detail. After all, it can be best to see it to truly believe it!

Exceptional Window Replacement by St. Joseph

Don’t let subpar windows hold you back from the comfort and beauty you deserve. Contact St. Joseph Siding & Window today and let us guide you toward exceptional window replacement solutions that exceed your expectations. Our Preservation windows are a great investment, backed by a quality warranty, improving your home today and weathering the uncertainty of tomorrow.